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Year 5 trip to Dove cottage by Emily Lupton and Amber Roberts

On Thursday 29th June, all the year 5’s from Strawberry Fields went on an amazing trip to Dove cottage in Grasmere to learn more about the famous poet, William Wordsworth. For most of this term, we’ve been learning all about William and his weather poetry which is known all over the world. We have studied his poems closely all term and have written our own stories and poems where the weather plays a big part.


A few weeks before the trip, some people from the Wordsworth Trust came to tell us more about Wordsworth and what inspired him in his work. These people were called Holly, Katherine and Bernadette and taught us much more about William Wordsworth than our teachers had taught us.


When the day of the trip finally arrived, it was a long day. We all got to school by 7:45 and got back at 18:30, later than we planned to get back. The coach journey was just under 3 hours but felt like a year each way. The whole journey was worth it though because in the end it was a brilliant day. The three activities we did were a poetry walk; where we stopped off at places and wrote down poems for different seasons, Dove Cottage Tour; where we experienced what it would be like to live in William Wordsworth’s house and what every room was and finally the poetry lesson; where Holly threw words in the air and we had to make our own poems with them.


Over all we had a brilliant day full of fun and adventures everyone enjoyed!