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Welcome toStrawberry FieldsPrimary SchoolLearning Together, Building The Future

School Council

Our school council is made up of 3 children from each class in school from years 1-6. At the beginning of each school year, children are encouraged to make a presentation to their class, and each individual class elects their three school council members.


Once elected, the school council meet once a half-term.


At these meetings, they:


- help to choose which charities the school will support that year

- discuss and agree fund-raising activities

- discuss ways to improve our school or help our community


In recent years, the school council has:


- helped make improvements to how school dinnertimes are organised, for example using a bands system to make sure all children get their choice of meal, and changing from plastic trays to proper plates and knives and forks


- helped make improvements to playtime and lunchtime activities, by suggesting ways Sports Premium money could be used to enhance lunchtime provision and fundraising alongside the Friends of Strawberry Fields to provide money for trim trails and playground equipment


- shared their view of what makes a 'good teacher' and what helps them to learn best in the classroom


- supported anti-bullying measures, such as suggesting the 'Secret Stoppers', and helping organise anti-bullying events


- made suggestions for after-school clubs they would like to see