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Strawberry FieldsPrimary SchoolLearning Together, Building The Future

Welcome toStrawberry FieldsPrimary SchoolLearning Together, Building The Future

School Ethos and Values


Our School Aims


Learning together, building the future by:


Making a welcoming, happy, safe school where everyone is valued.


To ensure that children, parents/carers, staff and all members of our school community feel valued, by providing a happy, caring and secure environment.


Helping all children to achieve their full potential.


To maintain high expectations of achievement, enabling all children to reach their full potential, through challenge and support.


Treating children as individuals.


To foster children’s individual needs, interests and creativity through the provision of a challenging curriculum, enrichment activities and extended services which develop skills for life.


Giving the children the basic skills for life.


To emphasise the importance of literacy, numeracy and ICT within the context of a broad and balanced curriculum.


Encouraging an enjoyment of learning.


To work in partnership with parents/carers and the local community to foster positive attitudes to learning; to enable all children to make an effective contribution to society and develop skills and personal qualities that will enable them to achieve.


Developing confident and caring children.


To enable all children to have high expectations of themselves through developing their self esteem, self confidence, self discipline, respect for others and sense of responsibility within our multi-ethnic society.


Having shared responsibility for making this a learning school for everyone.


To develop effective and efficient leadership and management at all levels which impacts positively upon the quality of our provision and the outcomes for all our children.