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Provision in Early Years at Strawberry Fields

Curriculum statement - EYFS 



At Strawberry Fields our EYFS curriculum is designed to recognise and value children’s prior learning from their previous settings and experiences at home. Through our curriculum, we provide children with engaging, stimulating and challenging play-based learning experiences. We encourage children to build positive identities and relationships through managing and taking risks, having a go, developing resilience and promoting a ‘can do’ attitude. We offer a balance of child-initiated and adult-led learning using a continuous provision-based approach. We value the children’s choices and interests, which support our driving force for building knowledge, skills and understanding. To support our curriculum, we provide high quality provision, along with high quality interactions, so that we are laying the foundations for the children to become independent, successful and ambitious lifelong learners. Our curriculum and ethos ensures that every child is valued as an individual and feels safe and well cared for.   



At Strawberry Fields our first focus is on the prime areas of learning because these form the foundation of a child’s learning. Once the children feel valued and secure in these areas it enables us to develop the specific areas of learning. A vital aspect in the development of essential knowledge and skills is the use of continuous provision. This means that children are using and developing taught skills on a daily basis. Our continuous provision areas are set up to reflect the children’s interests, as well as ensuring that reading, writing and maths have a high profile. Throughout a typical day, the children will have the opportunity to work both independently and collaboratively with their peers and with practitioners. Specific skills are taught through direct teaching sessions in both F1 and F2.  



At Strawberry Fields the impact of our curriculum is measured in a variety of ways. We carry out observations and assessments on a daily basis, which are continuously discussed as a staff team to move our learning journey forward. We measure the impact of our curriculum by internal termly data, as well as measuring outcomes against the local authority and national data at the end of the EYFS phase. The impact of our curriculum will, most importantly, be measured by how effectively it helps our children to develop into well rounded individuals who are independent, successful and ambitious lifelong learners.