Our ethos statement for week commencing 7th October 2019 "I know its ok to make mistakes and learn from them"
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Inspire Events

Each class in school hosts an Inspire event each year. At these events, parents, carers and grandparents are invited to visit school to work with their child on a variety of tasks related to the event's theme.


Inspire events have three main purposes:


1) To welcome our parents, carers and grandparents into school and give them a chance to have fun working with their child.

2) To give parents, carers and grandparents an insight into their child's educational experience at Strawberry Fields - what do we teach, how do we teach it, and why?

3) To convey specific messages about changes we have made or new initiatives designed to ensure our school continues to offer the best possible educational opportunities for your children.


In recent years, themes for Inspire events have included:

2016-17: challenge and the 'growth mindset' 

2017-18 : approaches and standards in maths teaching at Strawberry Fields

This year's theme is spelling, phonics and reading.


Inspire events often also offer an opportunity to look at children's work, visit their classroom, and speak to their teachers and other adults who work with them in school.


Please see below for feedback from recent Inspire events.