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School Meals

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT STRAWBERRY FIELDS IS A NUT FREE SCHOOL. This extends to holiday clubs and after-school clubs too, and includes nut-based products such as Nutella Chocolate spread. Some children in school have a serious nut allergy and the potential consequences of having children bringing nuts into school are very serious.

The details below explain our 'normal' dinner times routines.


At Strawberry Fields, we operate a 'dinner band' system, meaning that children choose their meals from one of four options every morning. This helps to reduce food waste and ensures children receive a meal they like. Each day there are four choices:


RED - a hot meal

GREEN - a vegetarian hot meal alternative

YELLOW - a sandwich or baguette (fillings vary each day)

PURPLE - a jacket potato (fillings a vary each day)


Each day children can also choose a dessert option, or fruit or yoghurt. 


School meal prices for other year groups are as follows:

Nursery (F1) £2.09 per day

Year 3 to 6 £2.44 per day



All meals must be paid for in advance via your ParentPay account at or at your local Pay Point. Parents and carers must be in credit with their ParentPay account, at all times.


If you have not already been provided with your ParentPay Login details, please contact the school office.


Should the ParentPay balance fall below £0, and the account be in debit, the parent/carer will receive a reminder via ParentPay.


Should a debt increase to £20, a letter will be sent home explaining that if the account is not settled the child will have to move to packed lunches. Please get in touch with the school office and we will help if possible.


An example of our rotating school lunch menus are shown below, for your information.


Packed lunches

All children in school are entitled to bring a packed lunch. Please send a healthy mix of food, including fruit and vegetables. Packed lunches should not contain sweets, chocolate bars or fizzy drinks.




Please note that ALL children in F2 (Reception) and Key Stage 1 (Year 1 and 2) are entitled to a free school meal.



Once children enter Key Stage Two, Universal Free School Meals end. However, some children will still be entitled to free school meals. If you need further information or are unsure whether your child(ren) qualify, please either call at the school office or view Leeds City Council information regarding free school meals here.