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Reading for Pleasure

At Strawberry Fields, we develop a love of reading from the very beginning. 


Over our children's time at Strawberry Fields, we ensure that they  are exposed to a wide range of texts from a variety of different authors including new and old authors. Children have the opportunity to recommend books to one another and have access to a selection of high quality texts in their classroom and within our school library. 


Every class have a weekly slot to visit the library and just simply READ. 


In addition to this, all classes visit our local library at least once a term where they can read with the local librarian and explore a range of other books too. Each class check out up to 5 books a time and place them in their classroom libraries.






Our Incredible Reading Areas

Reading Challenges


Reading is celebrated in lots of different ways throughout the school. Our whole school challenge is Read in 60. Children are encouraged to read their home reading book 60 times. When they reach 60 reads the children can select a brand new book from the Reading Shelf in Mrs Mumby's office. 

Reading Assembly

Every Tuesday, Key Stage Two have a reading assembly with Mrs Mumby. Every week a new book is selected that has been recommended by a child in Key Stage Two. An extract of the book is read to the children during the assembly. 


Take a look at some of our most recent recommended reads: 

Reading Buddies

Reading buddies are a firm favourite at Strawberry Fields.

Every term, each class buddies up with another class and they read to one another, sharing stories and sharing a love of reading together.