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Year 1 and 2 Inspire event

The Inspire mornings we held at school last week for Years 1 and 2 were once again very successful and well-attended. Thank you to all who came! The theme was ‘challenge’ and we received lots of positive feedback. Read some of the quotes and see lots of photos from the event below:

“Thank you – very good. It is encouraging for the children to see their parents get involved at school.”

“I knew ‘challenge’ was important, but was good to see illustrations of what this means in practice.”

“It showed the children through the activities that if it doesn’t work first time, try again!”

“A big thank you to all the staff for taking the time to put this together. Please do it more often!”

“The activities really helped me to understand the importance of ‘challenge’ in the curriculum.”

“I loved having a morning with my grandson.”

“A fantastic time with my son in school!”

“These skills are what they need throughout life. It shows the more you try something, you will get better.”

“It was fun to see the children interacting with their peers and to spend time working on something with them.”

“It’s good to see the kids so happy in school.”

“It was lovely to spend quality time with my daughter in school.”

“Thank you!”

“Good stuff! It makes learning fun for the kids.”

“I didn’t think about challenge that way, but now I see it!”

“It was nice for grandparents to spend time in school.”

“He is more confident than I thought.”

“It was lovely to see the kids enjoy having us here.”

“It helped to understand what they are doing in school.”

“It was good to see how my child tackles challenges at school. It was great to see the fun way the school sets challenges for the children.”

“It was good to see how the children challenge themselves and focus on an activity.”

“It is good to see the children using their own initiative. My son liked the cup stack and wanted to challenge himself to make a bigger tower.”

“I had a very lovely morning. It is such a great thing to be able to do!”

“Loved it! It was great to see my daughter learning whilst having fun.”

“A lovely morning. Thank you! Me and my child really enjoyed ourselves.”

“It is a great idea having these Inspire mornings. My child loves showing me what she can do!”

“It’s great to see how the children have developed within the school environment.”

“I learned how my child deals with challenges and how I can help and support him with challenges.”