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Y5/6 Inspire events

Thank you to all those parents, carers and grandparents who attended the Y5/6 Inspire events in the final week of the half-term term. Hopefully, you enjoyed being in school, spending time with your child, seeing some of their work and learning a little about how we teaching reading and spelling at Strawberry Fields. Below there is a selection of feedback comments we received.


Did you enjoy the event? If so, why?

It’s lovely to see the efforts that they put into their work and how they enjoy it.

Yes. Very informative to see what is involved with the English SATs papers/Grammar/Spelling for Y6.

Yes. I enjoy spending time in school with my son.

Fantastic to see what my son can do and achieve.

I found the subject interesting. The sample works were encouraging.

I enjoyed getting to see all the work my son has been doing, and doing the activities with him.

Yes. I enjoyed spending time with my son and his friends and I found the event informative.

It was good to see work examples.

Seeing the different ways my child learns spelling.

Interesting to see how it is much harder than it was in my day!


If we were to do another Inspire event in the future with a different theme, would you attend again?

Any. I like getting techniques to help at home.

Yes – was good to do something else after maths last year.

Yes – my daughter always talks about her friends but not always about the learning.


Do you feel that you learned more about your child’s educational experience at Strawberry Fields?

I did like seeing all the different ways they can learn.

It was useful to see an example SATs paper and find out the type of work Y6 are currently doing.


Did you find the film at the start informative/interesting?

Very interesting!


Do you feel better able to support your child with their reading and spelling learning as a result of attending the session today?

My daughter knows what she needs to improve, and watching the video together highlighted what we could do more of.


Do you have any further comments?

Thank you. I always enjoy these events with my child.