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Y5/6 Inspire events - Oracy

This year's Inspire events have a 'curriculum' theme. Last week's Year 5/6 events were very well attended - thank you to all those who were able to take time out of their day to come along. It was lovely to be able to speak to parents and carers about how we develop vocabulary, skills and knowledge across the different curriculum areas, and how we use weekly 'blocks' of teaching to be able to take a more in-depth approach. This was then demonstrated through a wide variety of 'oracy' tasks, which matched that week's curriculum focus in Y5/6. It was clear from the comments and the feedback forms that the event was much appreciated by the parents/carers, and that a large number really appreciated the opportunity to talk with their children in a variety of structured games and activities. Thank you again to all those who came!


A small selection of the positive feedback we received is included below:

Did you enjoy the event? If so, why?

Yes! Very well planned and the kids clearly loved it too. This is a great school – keep up the good work.

Yes – great to spend time on a one-to-one basis with no distractions that we have when we are at home.

Yes, it was nice to see what happens in school as I get very little information from my child.

Yes. It’s the most interaction I’ve had with my child since she got a phone.

Good fun – my child is starting to use reasoned arguments at home, so good to see skills built on in school, and nice to be a part of what is being undertaken and learnt in school.

Yes, I enjoyed the quality time with my child and the interaction.

It was great to see the children debating and discussing different topics. They had chance to reason with one another and get their point across in different ways.

Yes, spending time with my child in her learning environment is very special. I enjoy seeing what they do.

Yes – was good to interact with my daughter. Don’t do much at home as phones and laptops seem to come first these days!


Do you feel that you learned more about your child’s educational experience at Strawberry Fields?

Yes, I like the idea of a topic for a whole week to get a more in depth feel for the subject.


Yes – interesting to see how the curriculum is being applied with focused weeks.

Yes, definitely.

Yes, the block teaching sounds like an interesting approach and not something I have known before.


Do you feel you have a better understanding of how the wider curriculum is being taught at Strawberry Fields?

Today’s activities about oracy were brilliant, hopefully my child will become a more confident speaker.

It has helped me to better understand what my children are doing and why. It will help me to join in.

Yes. Very impressed and will help her in the future, especially how to articulate herself.

Absolutely, and I think this is a fantastic approach.


Was the information about how we teach ‘knowledge’, ‘skills’ and ‘vocabulary’ helpful?

It was, it gave a great insight and we are thankful for that.

Very much so. Something that I can now use at home and help build on.

Yes, although not convinced my girl needs to sharpen her debating skills!!

Yes because it makes a bit more sense of the vocabulary she comes out with!


Do you have any further comments?

It’s great how to school involves parents with their children’s learning.

Thank you for setting up these events. I always find them useful. Keep up the hard work!

Really good idea to invite parents/family. Thank you.

Thank you for inviting us. We have really enjoyed it.

Just a well done. My daughter is really enjoying school and always has!

This is always a very valuable experience in school – thank you!

I really enjoyed this experience. So relaxing and very informal. Thank you.

We have enjoyed the Inspires throughout the years.

Brilliant morning – should be more often.

Thank you!