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Y3/4 Inspire events

Our Year 3 and 4 classes hosted their Inspire events last week. Our theme this year has been spelling, phonics and reading. Once again, these events were very well attended - thank you to those parents, carers and grandparents who came - and we received lots of positive feedback, a selection of which you can read below.


Did you enjoy the event? If so, why?

Yes, very much. It’s so helpful to know what the children are doing in class so I can help at home.

Yes, it is useful to see the level of work that our children are doing.

It was good to see children working together and supporting each other. I also believe it gave a great opportunity to focus on my child’s development.

Yes. It’s nice to see your child progress.

I enjoyed being with my grand-daughter and seeing how she learns.

It was useful to understand the range of activities that you use in class.

It was great to spend time with my grandson.

I enjoyed working with my daughter, just me and her.

Yes. I got to see how he is performing and how he interacts with others while learning.

I have learned a lot more about my child’s experience.

Yes. It gave an insight into what my child is learning at school.

It is nice to see how the children are taught.


If we were to do another Inspire event in the future with a different theme, would you attend again?

Yes, I would definitely come again.


I would like to see one on Science!

An Art event!


Do you feel that you learned more about your child’s educational experience at Strawberry Fields?

Yes, it is useful as it is a long time since I’ve been at school. Good reminders to support at home.

Yes. It was good to see the progress made.


Yes, I felt like I learned a lot about verbs and nouns too!

It was nice to see how they learn in class.

Yes – things have changed since I was at school.


Do you feel better able to support your child with their reading and spelling learning as a result of attending the session today?

Yes, learnt new ways to help when doing homework and reading at home.

Yes. I know how they do it at school so I can do the same at home.

Definitely with their spellings and grammar.

Yes, I have a clearer understanding.

Yes, thank you.


Do you have any further comments?

Thank you for your hard work setting this up, it’s really appreciated.

I always try to attend these as they are a great insight into lessons.

Excellent event. Thank you.

Things are very good at this school.

It was nice to be able to see what the children are learning and how we can help them at home.

I have enjoyed it. Thank you.