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Y3/4 Inspire events

Last week, we held our first Inspire events of the year. We are using the events to communicate with parents, carers and grandparents how we deliver the teaching of the wider curriculum. The Y3/4 event used art as an example. Thank you to all those who were able to attend across the three days. The staff and children really appreciate having you in school!


As ever, the feedback we received was extremely positive. See below for a sample of some of the responses.


Did you enjoy the event? If so, why?

It was lovely to be involved with the children’s lessons. My son was very excited to be able to show me the skills he has to draw.

Yes. A nice reminder of the breadth of education

I like to see in the school environment, meet the teachers and have some one-to-one time.

I found out about how our children learn, I had an opportunity to spend time with my child at school doing things together.

Yes, educational and informative. Very interactive and enjoyable to spend time with the children in school.

It’s nice spending one-on-one time with my daughter.

Great spending time with my son and seeing how he interacts with his friends and teachers.


Do you feel that you learned more about your child’s educational experience at Strawberry Fields?

It is useful to see how the week’s teaching is broken down while still providing and engaging learning experience.

Yes, it was good to get an overview from the teacher about the way children approach activities.

The method was easy to understand and well presented.

Always good to see and understand the teaching methods being used so we can reinforce this at home.

The new topic looks very interesting and I think the structure will be very effective.

Yes, it’s good to be more aware of the learning processes.

Broadens the learning experience.


Do you feel you have a better understanding of how the wider curriculum is being taught at Strawberry Fields?

Yes. I thought teaching the subjects over a week was a very good method of learning.

Yes, and it’s good to see that the school can adapt it into its own methods, e.g. same subject being taught every afternoon.

Yes – I feel I will be able to discuss my son’s learning with him more.

Yes – I really like this idea.

Yes. Good detail given at the start.

Yes. It’s great to see art active in the curriculum.

It was interesting to hear about the block teaching.


Was the information about how we teach ‘knowledge’, ‘skills’ and ‘vocabulary’ helpful?

I think the fact it is taught and used within the same week is incredibly useful for retention.

I feel this way is more engaging and will allow him to retain the knowledge.

Yes, it seems a much simpler and easier structure to follow the curriculum each week.

It helps me implement them at home in the same way.

Absolutely, never get much feedback at home!

Breaking the lesson into sections helps children to understand the whole concept of the subject.

Very helpful!


Do you have any further comments?

No, just thank you for inviting the parents, it was a lovely morning. Keep up the good work!

As usual, the staff were friendly, informative and approachable.

Great time, I wish we could do it more often.

More events like these are helpful for parents to interact with the children and learn about how they are taught.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with my daughter.

Thanks for organising. I’m sure everyone will have enjoyed it.

A fun and educational time was had by all.

Thank you for a lovely morning.

Well run with a good structure.

Thank you for your time.

Thank you for providing the opportunity.