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Robinwood residential

Last week Year Six went on our annual residential trip to Robinwood. The children were absolutely fantastic. Their behaviour was excellent and they made good progress communicating, listening and developing teamwork. It was lovely to hear the way they encouraged one another on some of the more difficult challenges and to see children working together successfully in pairs and groups with others they would not normally work with. One of the best aspects from the staff’s point of view was to see children embracing new challenges and conquering their fears. Some children who were afraid of activities such as climbing at the beginning for the residential were scampering up fearlessly by the end!

We would say a big thank you to all the children and adults who went, as well as the wonderful staff at Robinwood for making the residential such a great experience.


Some quotes from our children:

“I loved Robinwood because I have overcome my fears. It was a wonderful environment because of how friendly the people are and how nice it is as an adventure when you are there.” (Evie)

“I really enjoyed Robinwood because the activities there are such fun and I never thought I would do them all but I did!” (Summer)

“I had such an amazing time at Robinwood because the staff were really helpful and the activities were so much fun.” (Hannah)

“An experience I will never forget. Something that I would like to do again. An amazing and fantastic experience for any age. It was the best thing ever.” (Ruby)

“Robinwood was the best school trip ever, maybe even the best holiday ever. I loved it! I loved canoeing and zip wire and hanging out with my friends.” (Macy)

“Robinwood was and is the best thing I’ve ever done in school, I was almost sad to leave!” (James)

“Amazing fun, I loved every second of it!” (Charlie)

“I had an amazing time at Robinwood, because I loved trying all of the fun and thrilling activities.” (Olivia)