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Return to school

It has been absolutely lovely to have our classrooms full of children again, since the school was able to reopen fully following the recent lockdown. The atmosphere in school is brilliant as ever and it is great to walk through the Forest of Knowledge and hear laughter, chatter and the buzz of learning from the doorways of every classroom.

We are so proud of our children, and the way they have returned to school with such enthusiasm and with such big smiles on their faces. We are still learning in bubbles and having to restrict a lot of the usual enrichment activities we would do in 'normal' times, if these involve visitors or the mixing of bubbles. As ever, the children get on with it with their usual resilience and positive outlook. We are all looking forward to a (hopefully not too distant!) future when sports competitions, Inspire events, assemblies, school trips, shared playtimes and all manner of other things can restart once again. In the meantime, we thank all our children and families for their patience and support. 

Finally, we extend a big thank you to all our parents and carers. No matter how much or how little home schooling you were able to access during the lockdown, we recognise how challenging the last few weeks have been and your support of the school and the teachers is very much appreciated!