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Our Y5/6 children put on their end-of-year show in July. It was called Porridge, and told the story of crime, corruption and the constabulary in fairy-tale land, where things are not all they seem!

The children were truly incredible! The Y5 chorus sang the songs with such enthusiasm and with huge smiles on their faces. Some of the Y6s even volunteered for solos, which were performed beautifully. The acting was exceptional. Even those sitting at the back of a crowded hall heard every word, but it wasn't just about volume - the delivery of the lines, the comic timing and the acting that went along with it was wonderful.

It was fantastic to see how confident the children are - some of whom really surprised us with their confidence and talents! Staff and parents alike were amazed to see what some of the children were capable of. How much these children have grown in their time with us is a real testament to the children, their families and the staff at Strawberry Fields.

The show was genuinely wonderful! Congratulation to all the children, and thank you very much to all the Y5/6 staff who worked so hard to make it happen!