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Music Day

On Wednesday 24th May we had our first 'Music Day'. All the children and staff had a wonderful day. We had musical workshops delivered by 'Bamboo Tamboo' and the University of Leeds, and a folk-pop group called Maia who came in and performed for us and worked with the children. I think for most people, this was the highlight! The children spent the day listening to and playing music in all different forms, including using the computers to create digital music.

Our hope is that lots of the children are enthused about music, and will now be listening to it in different ways and pestering their parents to take up an instrument!

We will be doing the same thing again next year!


These comments were written by Year 5/6BF:

WOW! Today has been fantastic, with lots of fun, new and exciting activities. We have learnt so much about music, and heard lots of lovely sounds. We enjoyed learning about rhythm with the talented Mr Bradley. We noisily banged on drums in an arranged formation. Next we talked about, and listened to, all of our favourite songs with Miss Battye. Lastly the most exciting thing we got to do was to work with the folk band. We got to record part of one of their songs on to one of their CDs. We had to sing, clap, click and even conduct! With the clapping, the man clapped ‘Chicken and chips’ and we had to clap ‘ketchup’. They even played us a Taylor Swift song at the end and we joined in. I wish we could do this on a daily basis! We would just like to say ‘thank you’ to all of the teachers and staff who made this

Photos from the day will be added soon!