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Key Stage One open classrooms

Our Key Stage One ‘Open Classrooms’ were really well attended this morning. Lots of parents/carers really appreciated seeing their children’s work and being given a tour of the classroom! Below is a small selection of the feedback we received on Class Dojo.

Thank you if you were able to attend, from all the Key Stage One staff.


I thought it was lovely thing to do. I love being involved in my daughter’s school work too and she always comes home and tells me what she's done and if she found it okay or difficult. I think the classroom is set out fab too with their work all over. They all seem to have a really good routine and supportive class. I can see why my daughter loves coming to school - she has fab friends and fab teachers, well done to you and Ms Tovey for putting so much effort and time into our children. x


I found this very useful as I can see where my daughter is doing well and where she may need extra help.


I really enjoyed having the opportunity to come in and look at what my son has been doing in school and to see his work, as the only other time we really get to see this is parents evening when time is more limited. They all seem to have pride in their school work, a wonderful idea. Thank you.


Hi, it was really good to see how far my son has come since starting here in September. Thank you for helping him write his words, hopefully his writing will become as extensive as his vocabulary! He was very excited and I loved him showing me his work books and class work on the wall.