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F2 Inspire

Last week we held ‘Inspire’ events for our F2 classes with the theme of ‘Challenge’. Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who were able to attend and helped make these sessions so successful. As part of the session, we also gave parents helpful information about phonics and handwriting teaching.

We will host Inspire events for other classes throughout school after Christmas.

Photographs and a selection of quotes from those who attended are included below:


“I think the teaching staff throughout do an excellent job. Well done!”

“It was great to see my son enjoying learning”

 “Lovely to spend time with my daughter seeing the sorts of things she does in school”

“Thank you for your time!”

“It was good to meet other parents”

“A fantastic session!”

“Interesting to see how different aspects are taught from an early age”

“It has been really nice to work with the children in their space”

“Very informative”

“It is good to see how your children interact in the school environment”

“All enjoyable activities”

“It was helpful to know the best way to help at home”

“It was interesting to see what and how the children are learning”

“We had a lovely time today watching our daughter do her activities”

 “It was nice to spend time in school with my child. He enjoyed it and it is helpful to know how we can help at home.”

“It was great to see what he gets up to in school and to get more information about the way things are being taught”