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F2 Inspire

We had lots of parents, carers and grandparents in school this week for the two Maths-themed F2 Inspire events. Thank you to those who were able to attend. We hope you enjoyed working in school with your child and went away with a little more knowledge about how your child learns at Strawberry Fields.


Here is a selection of the comments given on the feedback forms:


Did you enjoy the event? If so, why?

It is good to know how to encourage my child at home so it is consistent with school.

It was really interesting to hear what the children are learning. Also, helpful to understand how to help at home.

Yes. It was interesting to see what they are learning (as they don’t tell us!) and to put it into context.

The morning has been very enjoyable. It gave a sense of what the children are learning.

Yes. It was nice to see what my son has been doing in class.

Yes, brilliant. Really enjoyed learning with my daughter.

Yes, informative but relaxed. Really nice to work with my child.

Yes. It was very informative and a fantastic way to see how the children are learning.

Yes, it was good to understand the way my child is being taught and to work on a task together.

Was very informative about the way children learn and take on board praise.

It makes me more aware of opportunities to reinforce numbers and counting/subtractions.

It was nice to see my child in a school environment and to see what he needed extra help with.

It was brilliant. Great to see what the children can do in class.


Do you feel that you learned more about your child’s educational experience at Strawberry Fields?

Yes, especially for me. We’re from Vietnam, the experience is different here.

Yes, I didn’t realise he could sound out and spell a lot of words.



Did you find the films at the start informative/interesting?

Yes, things I would never have thought of.

Yes, I learnt some things.

Very. I thought the praise experiment was very useful. I will use this technique from now on.

Very thought provoking.


Do you feel better able to support your child with their Maths learning as a result of attending the session today?

Yes – helps me to find ways at home to support Maths learning.

Yes. I learned areas we can work on.

Yes, we can group things together to count.

Yes, the session has shown me some great ideas.

Yes, different angles on the way we can look at numbers.

Yes. I’ve got more of an understanding of how my child is learning Maths in the classroom.

Yes. I understand how they are taught.

Yes. It’s nice to have a clear view of what they are doing.


Do you have any further comments?

It was reassuring to hear about the focus on trying hard and effort. It was nice to interact with my child at school.

Yes. I will be using some of these skills at home.

It all went really well and I loved the tea and biscuits at the end.

Thank you!

Finding the shapes was fun!

Please do more!

Everything was really good.

Inspire events are helpful and insightful.