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February 6th 2018 was Safer Internet Day. During that week, we celebrated the internet as the wonderful resource that it is and asked all our children about their internet use. We also asked them to tell us their biggest concerns about staying safe online. A breakdown of some of the data we collected is available below, as are the initial surveys the children completed. Throughout Key Stage Two, the biggest worry for children were issues around privacy and hacking.

We will follow up what the children told us as part of our regular Computing and PSHE curriculum, and will also have another eSafety day in the summer term.


In the meantime, both parents and children may find the following resources useful:

This is a website designed to inform parents about the most popular apps used by children and young people. If you are concerned your child might be using social media apps or other websites that might potentially expose them to harmful or upsetting content, this website contains links and information with instructions to ensure privacy settings and filters are set up.

02 have teamed up with the NSPCC to support parents/carers and young people in ensuring children are able to explore the online world more safely. The link above can be used to book an appointment with an ’02 guru’ who will help adults to make their devices safe and set up privacy settings.  This might include creating separate user identities with different permissions, depending on whether children or adults are logged on. The service is free and takes between 30 minutes and an hour.

These websites will help you educate your child about eSafety, staying safe online and appropriate use of technology such as tablets, computers and mobile phones. They contain age-appropriate information, films, games, quizzes and other helpful material.

Please speak to your child about how they use technology and what is and is not appropriate and sensible. Ensure you have filters and safeguards on your devices to protect your child from harmful content. If you have any concerns about eSafety, or your child's use of the internet, social media or mobile phones, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

These films have been used by different year groups in school as part of the children's eSafety education. Click on the links to view the films.


Years 5 and 6:

Alright Charlie:

Breck Bednar:


Key Stage Two:



Key Stages One and Two:

NSPCC short films: