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Sports Day Reviews by 5/6 FB

On Wednesday the 21st June, KS2 had their sports day. I had 2 races, relay and sprint I came 1st in relay and 3rd in sprint. As I was cheering because my brother was losing and since I cheered, he came first.
When it came to the year 5/6 sprint I felt nervous and scared because I didn’t want to fall over!
Next to the tracks was a sweet stall, my mum got me some sweets, candyfloss and a blackcurrant juice. The series of sporting all lasted about an hour. Miss Battye won the relay with Lizzie, Sam and Alex on her team.
As all the races finished we waited silently we all did a really loud drum roll to find out who came first. It came to second place and our class name got read out we started cheering. At the end of the day it didn’t matter whether we won or not, it was about taking part!
Once we had finished and found out our results, we got to go home early. I am really looking forward to 2018 sports day already!
By Kate B

Full of teamwork and sportsmanship, our sports day really did have it all. Through injuries and unreliable English weather, we still managed to be good sports and work our best. The scores were very close, however we don’t know the overall score as we haven’t yet calculated the scores from the morning.
In the morning, we had so much fun completing many activities to make our scores even greater. Thanks to Mrs Atkinson, Miss Boase, Miss Walker, Miss Battye, Mrs Todd and MOST importantly Mr Henshall we were able to enjoy our morning doing activities like: javelin, speed bounce , penalties, long jump, shuttle run and much more.
The afternoon was most people’s favourite part of the day and I’m sure you’ll understand why. Now even though I started this in the last paragraph , I would just like to say that we are all incredibly grateful for the hard work that the staff put into organizing and running this unforgettable memory that we can all enjoy. The races were in no particular order: skipping, 300m, obstacle, potato, sack, egg and spoon, mums, dads and toddlers races.
Going into more detail about the races, 300 metres was first. As they set off at a quickening speed, we soon lost sight of the racers as they turned a corner. Everyone showed an impressive performance but what was even better, every single person was cheering people on.
Obstacle was another favourite and a brilliant chance to show your strengths. It started with dribbling the ball then throwing the bean bag into the hoop, crawling a certain length then standing up to finish. Once again it was amazing how much enthusiasm people put into cheering people on.
The last one I’m going to talk about is the mums, dads and toddlers races. I know these were just for fun and not to score points but the dads especially took pride in trying to beat the others. What I mean by this is the competitive energy got so overwhelming they were trying to trip each other up. The mums race was quite different as they considered it more slow and steady does it. My favourite was the toddlers as they were so cute. There was a definite winner who took the lead but they all tried.
In conclusion because of the work ethic that teachers put into this day, we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. On well not a good note but a positive/optimistic note, the only tears were for injuries and not a single person acted like a sore loser. The overall scores were: 6TH LP 5TH JH 4TH SH 3RD LG 2ND FB 1ST DS. My class came second and we are all incredibly proud of the places we came. As well as that I’m sure everyone’s ecstatic to find out the overall score.
By Holly S


On Wednesday 21st June, our annual sports day took place with the field events in the morning and track events in the afternoon. It was overcast as the athletics track event were set out with all the equipment and there was a short, light-shower of rain about ten minutes before it was due to get away.  Soon as all the classes had taken their places, it began. The first race was the 300 metres. All the children were cheering for their team mates. The next race was the obstacle here you dribbled the ball on the hole, put the beanbag in a hoop , crawled, then sprinted to the end. Sack was next the sacks were funny when they fell over. The potato race was after you had to get three bean bags and put it in the hoop.
After it was bib you had to put on three bibs and sprint to the end. Then after bib it was egg and spoon. The 5/6 girls got a really good head start. Sprint was next and you just ran to the end. Next it was relay which was mixed and boulder. Finally it was Mums Dads and Toddlers.
In the track events 3/4 DS came 1st with 5/6 FB following behind with a few points.
By Amber R