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Key Stage One 'Inspire' events

Last week, our three Key Stage One classes all held an Inspire event. Parents, grandparents and carers were invited in to school to spend time with their children and learn about some of the ways reading and phonics are taught at Strawberry Fields. Thank you so much to all those adults who were able to come in to school to work alongside their children, and thank you to Miss. Evison, Mrs. Morton and Miss. Chermside for organising and hosting these events. The response from our guests was uniformly and overwhelmingly positive. Below is just a small selection of the positive responses we received. Thank you for your comments and suggestions for future events.


Did you enjoy the event? If so, why?

Yes, very much. Firstly to learn more about what my child is doing in class, but also to spend such quality time with him.

Yes, lovely to work with my child and share and help their activities. Also, they were very excited I was coming to school!

Yes. This was the first time I’ve been to an event like this. Was great to do the phonic activities with my son.

Yes, it’s always lovely to see how and what they are learning. It’s reassuring to hear the SATs are so low key.

Yes. Gave me an understanding of how phonics is taught to the children.


Do you feel that you learned more about your child’s educational experience at Strawberry Fields?

Good to see how far all the kids have come since September.

Yes. It made phonics clearer to me.

It was good to see in reality and action what my daughter talks about at home and see how confident she is within the school environment.

Yes. He was more confident showing me what he is able to do.

Yes. It helps to see how they learn.

Yes, it was good to have more information on how to help them at home.


Did you find the film at the start informative/interesting?

Very, it really ‘hit home’ about how important reading is.

Very powerful. Really made me think about the importance of reading.

Was an eye opener. Shows parents need to spend more time reading.

Yes. Very thought provoking and will make me try harder home.

I thought it was a great film showing the importance of reading to your child.


Do you feel better able to support your child with their Reading and phonics learning as a result of attending the session today?

Picked up a few tips and will integrate them into our usual reading sessions.

100%. We both need to spend extra time on our child’s phonics.

My daughter regularly reads for fun at home and we practise the techniques spoken about at home already. Good to know that we are doing the right things to reinforce and help her development.

I feel I have more of an understanding of what they learn from reading. It is not just the words, it is understanding what they are reading.

Yes, it has helped and given me new ideas for activities at home.


Do you have any further comments?

Thanks to everyone for the hard work they put in with the children.

Brilliant! Really informative and enjoyable.

Very enjoyable, well presented. It showed the passion the school has to see our children succeed.

Keep up the great work. Inspire events are very beneficial to children and parents/grandparents/ carers. Thanks you.

Very enjoyable and informative, nice to see my child in a group/class environment and how she reacts to other children.

I think the chance to be able to come in to school and do this is amazing.

Keep up the good work!!