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Consultation on School Admission Arrangements for 2020-21

Dear Parents, Colleagues, and other interested parties,
Consultation on School Admission Arrangements for 2020/21 – Strawberry Fields Primary School
Dates for Consultation: 20 December 2018 to 31 January 2019

Strawberry Fields Primary School Governing Body, as the admission authority for Strawberry Fields Primary School, is proposing changes to the admissions arrangements to the school for the academic year 2020/21.
In line with the School Admissions Code, admission authorities are required to consult on their admission policy whenever they would like to make a change.
We are consulting on the following proposals, and would like to hear your views and comments about these, so that we can decide whether to include these changes for the admissions policy for 2020/21:
To adopt the Local Authority term “catchment priority area” to be consistent with the Leeds City Council proposed policy for 2020/21 should that policy be adopted. We propose that our catchment area follows the existing polygon used by Leeds City Council for admissions.
There are some additional changes which we have made to the previous policy so that it is accurate and explains clearly how places are offered. These changes are:
i. Expanded definition of the children eligible to receive Priority 1 (CLA and Previously CLA) to include children previously looked after outside England, to be in line with 2018 DfE guidance
ii. Clarified information about waiting lists, deferment and home addresses
iii. Update to dates to ensure accuracy for 2020/21
iv. Minor wording changes to provide further clarity for parents


All comments and suggestions are invited and you can respond in writing to the Chair of Governors at the school address or via email to: by no later than the consultation deadline of 31 January 2019.