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Our curriculum is based on a 'Learning Challenge' model. Every half-term, each phase will have a 'Learning Challenge' from which they will derive a number of questions to stimulate the children's interest and learning. The Learning Challenge for each half-term will usually be based on Geography, History or Science but will incorporate a number of curriculum areas. For example, Art and Music may well be taught in relation to the main topic rather than as isolated subjects. Teachers work hard to ensure that across the year, full coverage of the National Curriculum is delivered, and where a particular subject area does not easily fit with the term's topic, it may sometimes by taught discreetly. Our phase teams plan closely together and plans run on a two year rolling programme.

It is our intention that each topic will begin with a 'Wow' experience to engage the children, and end with an opportunity to showcase their work, which could take a number of forms, for example: an exhibition for other children in school or for parents, a class assembly, or a page on the school website. Furthermore, in English lessons, we are now using a 'book study' approach, in which a book linked to the children's Learning Challenge is used as a starting point for the majority of the children's writing lessons and guided reading. Some of this work might also form part of a class's end-of-unit showcase.

Maths lessons are now taught and planned using a 'Fluency', 'Reasoning' and 'Problem Solving' model. 'Fluency' deals with the children's ability to understood a particular skill, calculation strategy or piece of vocabulary. Once they have done this, we aim to give them opportunities to apply their knowledge to a wide variety of contexts and challenges as quickly as possible. This constitutes the 'Reasoning' and 'Problem Solving' aspects of lessons and allows the children to demonstrate 'mastery'.

For more information about the curriculum at Strawberry Fields, please see your child's class teacher. Coffee mornings, stay and plays and Inspire events are also good times to meet staff and find out more about your child's experience at our school. You may also wish to read our Learning and Teaching Policy, available in the 'Policies' section of this website. (Parents>Key Information>School Policies).





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